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This is how Steve Pike dressed when he saw his first camera. It was 1971 & just for the record, I am a boy! 😉

This image was shot by my uncle, an accomplished self-developing B&W photographer with a DIY dark-room.

These are my earliest photographic memories and source of my life-long passion for photography.

I gave up on the fashion industry –

– This is a rare image of me from my ‘moody’ period, without a hat.

Not much has changed in 50 years.
Today I’m often found sat in the long grass, inspecting worms or trying to empty sand from my pockets..

I digress . . let’s fast forward ⏩

A photographer was born . .

So, skipping ahead to long-pants, I began to play with cameras myself. The childhood memory of watching my uncle shoot, then hide away in his darkroom a while. That whole process, from shutter click to stinky paper photograph was pure magic to my inquisitive little (analogue) eyes . . and it still is!

Growing up . .

It was the mid 80s, Argos had opened a store in my local town & shortly after the Halina 110 Telemaster entered my life. We had a fleeting romance but I think it’s fair to say it was me, not Halina who ended things.

During my latter school years I had access to a ‘real’ camera, the 35mm Olympus OM10. That puppy really confused me, sparked my curiosity and fuelled my desire to understand the photographer. My journey began..

After I eventually agreed to become a grown up, I fell into a career in technology. Photography was never far from my mind but it took a back seat a while. It was 1995 when we fully re-connected.. our irides met either side a dirty camera shop window, but we were destined to be. Hello Nikon.. enter the 35mm F70 with fast glass.

We travelled to the USA and Rome, spent many quiet hours together watching the sun go down.. and it was this camera that taught me the fundamentals of light, the exposure triangle & I fell in love . . hook, line, sinker!

I will always have a very soft spot for Nik-y 🖤💛..yes I do name my cameras 🤫

Time to focus . .

Working in the tech industry circa. 2000 gave me privileged access to the earliest digital cameras. I played with many models but the first I owned was the Olympus Camedia 300Z 3Mp beast. 

From these very early days my connection with film dissolved. It was clear to me, the future was digital. I fully embraced it and relished the speed, convenience & vastly reduced production costs.

Since then I’ve bounced between Nikon and Sony.. Fujifilm are threatening to interrupt this, but we’ll see.

I’m of the belief equipment matters little today. I’ve come to appreciate & respect many photographers over the years; not because of the camera they use, but for their impeccable attention to detail, their amazing observation skills, their rich creativity and passion.

If we want to become a better photographer, I believe it’s far more important we focus on ourselves.

Who ever became famous for their gear, right? 🙄

Steve Pike Photographer bio portfolio example
So, what do I shoot?

The truth is I shoot just one thing.. light.. If you ever watch my YouTube channel you’ll hear me say “Photography’s the study & capture of light.” and this is my foundation stone! 

Whether I’m in the forest, cruising the streets or face to face – composition means nothing without beautiful light.

You’ll find an evolving sample of my work here in various active Collections, but it isn’t exclusive. Wherever there is beautiful light & a creative opportunity, I’m always happy to shoot..

• Head Shots • Family Portraits • Pets • Drone • Emotive Boudoir •
• Portfolios • Urban Street • Property •  Commercial • name it!

For my enduring ancient Forests of Sherwood project Sciryuda, the Collections begin HERE

Keep in touch . .

I’m always happy to discuss photographic projects, creative ideas or commissions.
Personal or professional. No shoot too small.

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I don’t undertake weddings or live events.
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